Employer terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions


Amazic Match is a website created with the aim of building a bridge between businesses looking for staff and potential staff looking for a job. By using the services offered by Amazic Match, either by posting job offers, browsingpossible jobs, applying for any of the offers published in the website, youagree and accept these Terms and Conditions.

2.Property of the content

All the content generated by Amazic Match, including but not limited toimages, design, videos, information and text belongs to Amazic Match, areprotected by trademark laws and should not be used without prior and expressauthorization. None of the offers published in on  Amazic Match should be replicated or used forany public or commercial purpose, without prior authorisation of the AmazicMatchor by the user making the offer, which is the final owner of each offer.

3. Responsible use of Amazic Match

Businesses looking for staff and potential stafflooking for a job.

Potential employees and employers should give a responsible use to AmazicMatch and use it specifically to match staff with businesses. As a user of AmazicMatch, you should diligently protect your confidential information and make allthe verifications and required due diligence when applying for a job,contacting applicants for interviews, offering a job to an individual and acceptingor rejecting an offer. Amazic Match trusts in the users’ responsible andadequate use of the website.


Potential employers must not post any job offers that might be offensive,racist, sexist, unlawful or in general contrary to the faithful practice of thecoffee industry. Additionally, potential employers are responsible ofguarantying they have the right to hire staff and comply with all theapplicable labour laws. Amazic Match is not and should not be considered anemployer and takes no responsibility for any breach to industry standardsand/or applicable regulations. Users are advised to looking for a job, applyingthrough  Amazic Match and accepting orrejecting a formal offer, to make all the required due diligence.


Potential employees must not include any false information in theirprofiles when applying for offers posts in Amazic Match. As mentioned in theIntroduction, Amazic Match was created to facilitate introductions betweenbusinesses looking for staff and potential staff. Therefore, under anycircumstances Amazic Match does not act or should not be considered to be arecruiter. Potential employers looking for staff are the only responsibles ofevaluating applications and carrying out the corresponding recruitmentprocesses. Amazic Match takes no responsibility for the adequacy of applicantsor the quality or truthfulness of their skills, professional experience or any other information included in their profiles.


4. Confidentiality

Amazic Match guarantees that no information provided by applicants would beused for any purpose different from completing the application voluntarily chosen by the individual. Applicants are advised to never disclose bank accountdetails or social security numbers, among others, when applying for a position.In any case a password is created, applicants are responsible to avoid disclosing it and should take relevant measures to protect it, in order to keep all their information under confidentiality.